4 Instagram tips for photographers 1. Be you! Post what you care about and stick to it. Looking over my Instagram account always brings a sm...

4 Instagram tips for photographers

4 Instagram tips for photographers

1. Be you!
Post what you care about and stick to it. Looking over my Instagram account always brings a smile to my face, because it sums me up to a tee and reminds me why I do what I do. If you're a budding photographer looking to grow your following... focus what you want to be known for and share your best stuff Wedding video New York

2. Take care.
Not every image is great, so don't share them all. Treat your Instagram account like Top Gun... Only the best of the best and leave the rest. Don't take it personally, nobody is perfect and we all need practice. Focus on composition, content & quality and you're on the road to success affordable wedding photography

3. Learn from the best.
Find & follow people that inspire you and make you want to be a better photographer. We all have different styles... so search, discover and fill your photog cup full with your faves. Look far and wide... Flip through magazines, look at adverts or head into an art gallery... beautiful imagery is every Beauty photography

4. Share the love.
If you like it, let them know. A double tap is great, but a few words goes a long way. Instagram is a social media platform, so get socialising. You've got to give if you want to grow commercial fashion photography

Tips for the guest wedding photographer Almost all weddings have a hired photographer, or at least a designated relative in charge of taking...

Tips for the guest wedding photographer

Tips for the guest wedding photographer

Almost all weddings have a hired photographer, or at least a designated relative in charge of taking the official pictures. Your first job as a guest is to respect that person: he or she was selected by the bride and groom, and the happy couple entrusted that person with a heavy responsibility. They are also paying a lot of money for the services of that pro photographer Photographer

Pictures (and memories) are what remains of that special day. Moreover, a hired photographer has a responsibility to deliver pictures of that day; don’t try to compete with him and don’t make that job more difficult than it already is!
Keep out of the way of the hired photographer

Keeping out of the way of the hired photographer actually offers new possibilities. Why not shoot pictures of the bride and groom from another angle? You might capture something the pro is missing! Take a few steps back and include guests in the frame, move to the side to capture the scene from a different angle, be creative!

Focus on different things
Chances are the main photographer will take a hundred shots of “the kiss”. However, chances are the parents, best men and maids of honour will be completely ignored during that time. Why not take pictures of these people while the pro is busy shooting the couple Professional Wedding Photographers

Focusing on the guests will yield many beautiful candid shots. The bride and groom will probably have little time to care for their guests during the ceremony, but will be happy afterwards to share the emotions and happiness of their guests. This will shed a different light on the wedding than what the hired photographer usually focuses on.

Photos during the wedding reception
During the reception, why not take pictures of the various tables? A hired photographer rarely photographs guests: his job is to photograph the couple. Similarly, you could look at details in the decoration, photograph the cake, anything the bride and groom might remember fondly a few months later Wedding Videographer

Some things are to be avoided unless you want to create a diplomatic incident!
Flash during the ceremony: most times, flashes are not allowed inside churches, and in any case it’s better to be safe than sorry! You may have to raise the ISO but not too high if your camera produces a large amount of digital noise.

Bossing the hired photographer: as surprising as it might seem, every wedding photographer has a story about “Uncle Joe” trying to take control of the group photos. The bride and groom rarely look kindly to Uncle Joe taking the stage.

Tagging along during the romantic session: this session, usually taking place just after the ceremony, is often the only time the newlyweds have to themselves during the whole day. Focus on the remaining guests instead; the bride and groom will be thankful Wedding Photographer in New York

Wedding Photography Tips 1. Once Upon a Time...Wedding Photography - Male groom kissing hand of female brideCapture emotions and tell the st...

Wedding Photography Tips

Wedding Photography Tips

1. Once Upon a Time...Wedding Photography - Male groom kissing hand of female brideCapture emotions and tell the story to make magical moments last a lifetime. Ultimately as a photographer you need to be observant and present but also inconspicuous. Couples shouldn’t be asked to repeat poses, so be ready to capture small moments showing affection. This wedding photography image shows a groom kissing his brides hand; the large aperture (shallow Depth of Field) of f/5.6 keeps the emphasis on the groom and the hand, but still shows off the bride’s bright smile. For multiple wedding shots use continuous shooting mode and hold down the shutter button as long as you’d like.

2. Grab the OpportunityWedding Photograp of a Bride and groom leaving church with motion blur effectThere will be hundreds of special moments on the wedding day that you as the photographer must notice and capture. Certain events, such as the vows and walking down the aisle cannot be repeated, so give yourself a good position in the venue to begin with, but also keep out of the way. A nice effect is to use the slow sync flash mode, so you capture the blur of the couple walking, but the center of the frame stays sharp because the flash freezes it. Turn the mode dial to TV or S (Shutter Priority) mode and use a slow shutter speed of 1/4th of a second. Use either the on-camera flash or a separate one for more power. When you use slow sync, the shutter remains open much longer to allow in more light for your exposure Wedding Videographer

3. Take Unusual Wedding PhotosBride and groom on the wedding dayThere will always be time for the formal posed wedding photos with all the friends and family members. The fun, casual moments are sporadic and less predictable. Look out for tender moments where the couple shares a story or a joke. You might capture outright affection or a glancing look they share. Use flash to freeze the moment and a small aperture of f/14 upwards to keep things sharp. Remember to keep the shutter speed at 1/250th of a second and higher as you don’t want to risk any blur. You can also consider using a warming filter, known as the 81A. This has a slight peach tone, but makes the skin glow and look alive Affordable Wedding Photography

4. Capture them LeavingWedding Picture of a Bride and groom walking out the churchdoorThe classic wedding photograph is the couple leaving the marriage venue, when the guests throw rice or confetti at the couple. Generally this will be in the day time with plenty of light, so choose a large aperture (f/2.8-f/5.6) to keep the couple in focus and the background slightly blurred. Use a shutter speed of 1/125th of a second so you can see some of the confetti in the air. Use flash if you want to guarantee that the image will be sharp. Consider using the continuous shooting mode, so you have a series of shots of the couple leaving while confetti is thrown at them

5. Tell the Fairy TailA silhouette photograph of a bride and groom kissingWhen it comes to the formal wedding shots, although most people will want the standard family line up images, remember to be creative. Take your bride and groom away from the commotion and place them indoors by a big window or where there is a sliver of light. The idea is to catch their silhouette, so you need the light source to be behind them. Get the couple to kiss, making sure you include the back of the brides dress and veil for the outline. Remember to turn off the flash and use either spot or multi-zone metering mode. Take a reading of just the bright area and then point your camera at them and shoot! Ideally you should use a tripod for this shot, although handholding at 1/160s should keep things reasonably sharp Famous Photographer

6. Capture the FunSenior Couples Dancing Together At Wedding ReceptionPhotograph some of the older folks out on the dance floor, or the bridesmaid catching the bouquet thrown by the bride. A wedding is a once in a lifetime event for the couple, and your chance to show off your prowess at photography, so make the best use of this opportunity. The happy couple will thank you for it in the years to come Professional Wedding Photographers