TIPS TO CHOOSE LENSES FOR WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY Step 1 - Decide on Lens Types Look through wedding magazines to try and decide on the type of ...



Step 1 - Decide on Lens Types
Look through wedding magazines to try and decide on the type of effects you want to achieve at the wedding. Keep in mind that you will probably shoot not only the bride and groom, their families and the wedding party, but also candid shots during the reception. Once you have an idea of the types of pictures you will shoot, you be able to choose the right lenses. For example, you may need soft focus or fish eye lenses affordable wedding photography

Step 2 - Research
Do your research to find out about the very best brands and types of lenses anyone can get for both portrait and candid photography. This is actually pretty difficult to do. Everybody has their own preferences and favorite types of equipment. The brand of camera you have may limit which lenses are compatible Beauty photography

Step 3 - Talk to The Couple
Before deciding on the types of lenses you will need for a certain job, you first need to talk to your customers. This will ensure that both you and the couple are happy with the outcome. Explain how minor differences between camera positioning and types of lenses can alter the look of the photographs  commercial fashion photography

Step 4 - Portrait Lenses
You must purchase a good quality portrait lens for still shots. Using a wide angled lens at a short distance will help you to take photographs where the subjects stand out from the background. This popular technique known as foreshortening is especially good for wedding portraits. These wide angled lenses are best if the bride and groom want pictures that highlight every detail Cool wedding photographer

Step 5 - Consider Your Budget
Camera lenses for digital SLR cameras are available in a wide range of prices. If you have a budget, then you might be restricted to certain types and brands of lens. Lenses can vary from a few hundred to thousands of dollars  famous photographer

Step 6 - Use More than One Camera
Changing lenses might take less than 20 seconds, but it can be cumbersome and tricky. Many professional wedding photographers carry 2 or more cameras with different lenses so that they can easily take different types of photo. If you are using more than one camera, then make sure the lenses will fit both cameras wherever possible manhattan  wedding photographer

Step 7 - Choose Compatible Lenses
When choosing the right lenses, make sure that they are compatible with your camera. Different camera brands have different types of lens mounts, which means you will have to choose certain brands of lens professional photographer

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